Graal Online

Hey guys its Lucas and I lurve this app called Graal Online,Ots where you have bombs and arrows , swords and bug catchers and you find other players and join guilds to team up and have a better reputation than other players, The bug catcher is an item you find and catch bugs and send them to a witch and she gives you ‘Gralats’ depending how rare the bug or insect is. Gralats is the game currency and when you have enough you can buy refills for your bombs and arrows, Get a house ,pay rent for the house,Buy items for the house, buy morphs for your avatar, buy horses, buy hats and acsessories to your avatar ( you get a giant closet of clothes at the start ), Buy burgers, chat privatly and in a group,Even propose to another player ( no jks there is an feature. EWWWWWW!!!) and more. You can also gain gralats buy farming and cutting down plants and hedges, There are clothing codes you find online or some people have code shops. You have a bio that you write you description and you can code it so you can change the font, size, text , bio backround ,add gifs and more.When you see this app in the android store or app store it looks horrible but its my favourite game on my ipad.WARNING: You are playing with live players so dont curse and bully.
My username is hottopicmonthly (suprize suprize) and I am not the girl one im the boy avatar.
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Oh PS its also on computer and I think facebook


Website / App Review: Moviestar Planet ( MSP )

Welcome to Moviestar planet! This game is a very fun, interesting, creative & social virtual world, you are a movie star with millions of players And you can make movies with other stars and make things called Art books,Art books are posters that you make on the game, you can also post photos of things and you can make your own clothes and you can also buy clothes, you can have a pet and also you can make your own room by buying furniture from the shop and placing it in your room, you can always change your look on the game in the shop, some shops are A general shop for clothing, music shop for your movies to put in the background, animation shop so when you are doing your movies you can animate and you can use these animations in the chat rooms, there is also a beauty salon where you can change your eyes lips and can become friends best friends and have a bestest friend on the game, Now let’s talk about these so called Catbird is the way you meet players and talk to them and use your animations! Please explore this game for yourself,

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App Review: Swype

Hey guys it is the Lucas today I am reviewing a app that allows you to do ‘something’ really cool with your keyboard,
The app is called swype and here are the details:

Name: Swype
Cost: $1.99
Age: 4+
You need to have: iOS8+

Now you may ask what do you do? Swype is a powerful and smart keyboard that you can use like a Samsung keyboard where you can slide your finger letter to letter and almost draw something with the letters and you can use this app outside the app, you can get themes that are for free or you can purchase them ,This is very handy and there’s a app exactly like this one called SwiftKey but when you turn it on you have to allow it to see what you type all the time and not only on Swiftkey, on your keyboards and so I like the privacy of Swype,

I rate this app a strong rating because it is very handy, nice looking & smooth. I rate Swype a 77/100!

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Hey guys its Lucas and if you didn’t know ITS CHRISTMAS IN LESS THEN A MONTH!!! Well DUH but since its Christmas there is going to be ‘Gifts’  from me 😀

In the comments I want you to send me a photo via a link or a description and im going to draw it for you!I will also post the draw on my blog with a shoutout

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App Review: VirtualSpace

Hey guys its Lucas here today reviewing the app virtualspace for iOS and there working on an android version and MAYBE a computer version, MAYBE!

I made a youtube video as a review and it took a long time to make so please enjoy the video and download the app! *__* <- (Me working)

Link: y

This is it GUYS!

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Essentials Review: BUSH Radio

Hello guys its Lucas and today I am reviewing the ‘BUSH Radio!’
This is a great simple radio made for everyone even if you are not that good with technology *cough parents!

Im not that shure how much it costs because I got it as a gift and heres a view of all the buttons:

If for some reason you cant see the buttons they are:


The bad things about this radio is that it has a place to charge your ios device ,nokia or samsung but I cant get it working and the antenna is just a wire so it cant stand up it just flops down 😦

This is a very short post and I am sorry about that!
This product is very useful as it can do all the stuff an average radio can do including 10 slots to put your 10 favourite radio stations of your choice so you dont have to scroll down to those 5000 or so stations.I am rating this a 69/100 just because of the antenna and how it is hard to charge your device or maybe you cant charge, I only think its for playing your phone music into it!

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